Guest Management

Properly preparing guests or delegates for your event is a crucial part of any successful project – and it is a task at which Vitesse Media excels.

We operate a simple – and smooth – delegate management system that ensures that each guest receives personalised attention, remains fully informed in the run-up to the event, arrives with everything they need to know and, most importantly, is enthused and excited.

We provide you with the following:

  • A secure website kept updated in real time with key information
  • A secure, simple registration page
  • A dedicated email address for event-related queries
  • A dedicated telephone number for your event
  • All delegates receive acknowledgement of their registration immediately
  • A welcome pack posted one week before the event is held
  • A thank you email sent to all delegates one hour after the event closes
  • A feedback form
  • Updates on Twitter/other relevant social networks.

Customer service is key

All of the above will ensure that your guests and delegates provide all the administration information you need, and that the entire process is as efficient and quick as possible.

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