On-site Operations

Use us to manage the event, leaving your team freely available to look after those who matter – your customers

Vitesse Events can manage all elements of event production, including all the on-site logistics, to ensure that your team do not have to worry about the details. That’s our job – and we do it exceptionally well.

We provide the following:

  • Venue sourcing – we have excellent relationships with many first-class venues, and many of our clients find that we save them money by using our well-honed negotiation skills. Because we organise so many events, we have real bargaining power
  • Operations schedule – our event production team can outline all deadline dates and devise the timelines used by all contractors and venue staff
  • Production and management of the event budget
  • Speaker liaison and management
  • Hotel liaison and briefing
  • Negotiations with and management of all contractors and suppliers for the event
  • On-site – registration, badging, production and distribution of all notices and information, signage, delegate movement, branding, decoration, support office and services, including full technical support
  • Professional members of the Vitesse Events team on-site to provide a one-stop-shop for support and the delivery of information for delegates, sponsors, exhibitors, guests and speakers alike
  • We will be the first on-site (early morning) to build the event and be the last to leave (late at night) after the event has finished.

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